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Got a little time to kill

I had a dinner planned with a friend tonight, but he had to cancel at the last minute. Normally, I’d go home, but I have another meeting planned at 7:00pm, and if I go home I probably won’t make it to my next meeting. My couch tends to draw me over and suck me in when I go home. When that happens, I get lazy and probably fall asleep. That means I miss the meeting, and I don’t want to do that. Read more on Got a little time to kill…

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Oh. My. Goodness. This. Is. Good. Ice. Cream.

I’m sitting here (free WiFi for the win!) at the world’s best ice cream and frozen treats place. Atomic #7 offers an amzing variety of frozen goodies, and they’re all made fresh in front of you. Nothing is frozen until it’s ordered. Once ordered, the ingredients are all mixed in liqud form and then quick frozen with liquid nitrogen. Hydrogen being the 7th atomic elemnt, lends it’s coldness to freeze your ice cream in addition to being integral to the name.

Nitrogen frozen ice cream is amazing stuff. The process creates a smooth and lush texture with any of the seven “milk” bases Atomic #7 offers. Even almond milk, which doesn’t make terribly smooth and creamy traditional ice cream comes out creamy and smooth. Regular cream is tranformed into something that Ben & Jerry can only aspire to make. Read more on Oh. My. Goodness. This. Is. Good. Ice. Cream….

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7:07 – Left for dinner

7:07 – Left for dinner

9:03 – Got home from dinner at the Silverton Casino buffet.

9:05 – Grabbed a few bottles and a chrome-plated mixing pitcher from the pantry

9:06 – Filled pitcher about 2/3 with ice, poured dry vermouth over ice. Swished around for about a minute.

Read more on 7:07 – Left for dinner…

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Breakfast of Champions

I went to lunch with a friend and Las Vegas blogger Hurricane Mikey yesterday. He actually writes in his blog, as opposed to me. I just pay hosting fees and occasionally pop in with something interesting to say or (more probably) something to complain about.

Anyway, I heartily encourage you to visit his blog and read around a bit. It’s very interesting reading, and I’m happy to wait right here while you’re out reading his stuff.

One thing about Mikey, he likes his pizza, and one of his life’s journeys is to find the perfect pie. It’s kind of a religious quest, and it’s fun to be a pilgrim. But this entry isn’t really about Mikey so much as my small part in that journey to coal-fired nirvana. Read more on Breakfast of Champions…

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Tonopah Restaurant – Good Eats in the Middle of The Desert

Banc Club Restaurant
Tonopah, NV
(directions below)

This review was thoughtfully provided by my good friend Louis. We used to work together, and he is a regular reader of this site. Thanks for the review, Louis, and if anyone else is interested in writing for the site, please get in touch.

It’s not often that one finds a restaurant that makes you take a second look. But I found one.

It’s at the Banc Club and it’s in Tonopah. Where in the heck is Tonopah? Tonopah is the approximate half-way point between Reno and Las Vegas. On 95N @ Craig Rd. it’s 200 miles to Tonopah or about 3.5 hours drive. Read more on Tonopah Restaurant – Good Eats in the Middle of The Desert…

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Confessions of a Newly-Minted Starbucks Decaf Regular

Coffee is one of those things that has always perplexed me. I remember trying it as a kid, the bitterness was unpleasant and it burned my tongue. Why would anyone drink that stuff when there is soda in the world? I’d rather have a Coke. At least that’s how I grew up.

I pretty much avoided coffee in my youth. I avoided coffee in my 20’s and most of my 30’s as well. I did learn to appreciate the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee, but never quite got around to enjoying the flavor. Even as an ingredient, that coffee flavor would jump right out at me and take over whatever I contained it. Tiramisu was right out. Anything mocha was politely refused entry to my plate.

So no fan of coffee, I would nonetheless have an occasional chance to stop in a place like Starbucks. If I want a hot beverage, which is rare, I go with tea. If I am at a Starbucks and want a hot beverage, which is even rarer, I also have tea. I like tea. Pretty much any flavor is fine. Regular, herbal, etc., although I try to avoid caffeine, so it’s usually decaf or herbal tea.

Yet the siren call of coffee keeps me curious. I stare at the Starbucks menu and wonder what riches may lie beneath the carefully encoded words.

Frankly, the menu at Starbucks perplexes both me and my wife. We go in and watch the customers who know what they want bark off 20-word orders: “Venti double cappuccino with an extra shot, room for cream, and …” my eyes are glazing over. Read more on Confessions of a Newly-Minted Starbucks Decaf Regular…

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Memphis Championship Barbecue: The Name Says It All

Memphis Championship Barbecue
2250 E. Warm Springs Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 260-6909

Since moving from Orlando, we haven’t ventured out into barbecue land. Orlando has lots of barbecue places (some not worth going into, some are excellent, most are OK). We weren’t sure what to expect in Vegas, which doesn’t have as many barbecue places. After narrowing down the choices, we decided to try Memphis Championship Barbecue. There are four locations. We chose the one near us at Warm Springs and Eastern.

I love barbecue. For some folks, barbecue is a religion, and their own denomination is the only True Way for barbecue. I am not one of those people. I like barbecue no matter Texas style, Memphis style, Southern style, or some other style. Good barbecue is good barbecue. Memphis Championship Barbecue is really good barbecue. Read more on Memphis Championship Barbecue: The Name Says It All…

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Drinking Scotch Can Save Your Marriage

I was recently reminded of a party I attended last year. Some friends had invited Mrs. Vargas and I to their home, along with several of their other friends and neighbors. It was a typical holiday party with plenty of good stuff to eat and drink. The partygoers were all decked out in festive attire and a good mood prevailed throughout.

Mrs. Vargas and I are not the kind of couple who has to cling to each other at a party. We’re free to mingle and talk independently. One of the other partygoers, whom I had never met before, had taken somewhat of an interest in me. She was a neighbor of the hosts and didn’t seem flirtatious when I first met her.

As the evening went on, Ms. Neighbor Flirter had chosen a seat at the bar. And every time I went to freshen up my scotch, she was there, ready to chat, flirt, and carry on about the topic du jour. Read more on Drinking Scotch Can Save Your Marriage…

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A new adventure in cuisine: food with no flavor

Grand Café
Green Valley Ranch Station Casino
2300 Paseo Verde Parkway
Henderson, Nevada 89052

Mrs. Vargas and I are huge fans of the Green Valley Ranch Station Casino. We live nearby, so it’s easy to get to. The gaming is always fun (I’m partial the to Monopoly slot machines) and we have enjoyed many great meals at “The Feast” buffet.

Last time we went there, the line at “The Feast” was longer than our tolerance for lines, so we decided to try a different venue. The Grand Café is a short walk from The Feast, so we went there. Read more on A new adventure in cuisine: food with no flavor…

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Until today, I was never scared of hot food

For those who know me personally, you know I like my spicy food hot and my hot food incendiary. I grew up eating my grandmother’s cooking (may she rest in peace). Grandma was an excellent cook, but wasn’t really into the spices that much. Since I lived in Buffalo, good chicken wings were always easy to get, and you could pick your heat level. As a youth, I was always a bit afraid and stuck to the mediums.

Mother Vargas remarried when I was 13. My new step father is a great guy and Italian. Most Italians like spicy and my step dad was no exception. He introduced me to a world of hot that I don’t want to leave. Read more on Until today, I was never scared of hot food…

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Want Mexican? Seek out La Cabaña!

La Cabaña Mexican Restaurant
526 S. Martin L King Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 366-0039

Repeat after me: “Taco Bell is not Mexican food.” Fortunately, La Cabaña is not Taco Bell. La Cabaña is in a forgettable strip mall that makes you want to drive by more than stop in. That would be a mistake.
Read more on Want Mexican? Seek out La Cabaña!…

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Risky business begets free eats: one of the cool things about living in Vegas

One of the cool things about Las Vegas is the abundance of places to eat. And most of them are really good places to eat. I used to live in Orlando, and a good place to eat there is a national chain where the weird stuff nailed to the walls is usually more compelling than the food. There is no real decent local cuisine in Orlando, although barbecue is close. Vegas cuisine seems to run the entire gamut, from stuff that’s best described as “food” to world class dining.

When you come to Las Vegas the first thing you should do upon entering any casino is to join their players club. You get all sorts of freebies and coupons just for joining and an opportunity for more if you gamble. The coupons usually relate to free or discounted food in some way, typically buffets, for which Vegas is famous. If you visit regularly, about monthly, the casinos will send you more coupons in the mail. We’ve been here long enough to have received a few mailings. There is always a food coupon. Casinos love to discount and give away food. Read more on Risky business begets free eats: one of the cool things about living in Vegas…

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Walk on down to Cook on Wok

Cook On Wok
390 N. Stephanie St.
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 458-8899

Cook on Wok is one of those places that’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. And missing Cook on Wok would be a shame. When you enter the unassuming storefront restaurant, you notice the décor is something out of a late-90’s restaurant catalog. And what’s with the name? I haven’t figured it out, either. Do not let the décor or name deter you, however. This is a restaurant well worth visiting. Read more on Walk on down to Cook on Wok…

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