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Want Mexican? Seek out La Cabaña!

La Cabaña Mexican Restaurant
526 S. Martin L King Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 366-0039

Repeat after me: “Taco Bell is not Mexican food.” Fortunately, La Cabaña is not Taco Bell. La Cabaña is in a forgettable strip mall that makes you want to drive by more than stop in. That would be a mistake.

This is a favorite with the lunch crowd at the office and I know why. The food is excellent and the prices are cheap. For $4.95, about the same price as a combo meal at Taco Bell, you get to select form about 15 different combos, including chimichangas, burritos, taquitos, tacos, and more. Most combos come with beans and rice, and a few even offer extra sides like sour cream and guacamole.

Chips and salsa are always available, and usually make it to the table with the server. Eat all you want. They will bring more. The salsa is always fresh, but sometimes inconsistent. One day it may be as mild as Spring and another it will be hot as hell. It’s always delicious, and I like it no matter what. The fact that salsa is a surprise adds to the charm.

Don’t despair of the salsa or anything else isn’t spiced to your liking. Each table has a collection of hot sauces. Two of them are habanero-based and potent. The green (in an otherworldly shade of verde) is the milder of the two hot sauces. The red will get your attention. I like it very hot, so I usually slather it on everything. Don’t try that unless you’re a trained professional.

Despite the salsa’s inconsistencies, the entrees are consistent and always good. Portions are huge, especially considering the price. If you leave anywhere less than stuffed to the gills, it’s your own fault.

Service is friendly, but a bit busy and distracted, especially during the lunch surge right at noon. (We like to get there between 11:30 am and 11:45 am to avoid this.)

We have never been for dinner, but I suspect the same great prices and gut-busting portions are carried over to dinner.

La Cabaña is a place you will need to seek out and it’s well worth it.


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Published Thu 11/10/05 at 10:52am

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One Response to Want Mexican? Seek out La Cabaña!

  1. Carlos M said on Tue 6/14/11 at 11:29pm

    Don’t let the outside of this place fool you. It is located in an old shopping center, and the outside is very so-so. But once you are inside, it’s a very different story. Very clean place, and a very popular lunch establishment. I never spend more than $10, and believe me when I tell you the portions are huge for the price. You will definetavely find price/value here. Would recommend to all Mexican food lovers

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