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Breakfast of Champions

I went to lunch with a friend and Las Vegas blogger Hurricane Mikey yesterday. He actually writes in his blog, as opposed to me. I just pay hosting fees and occasionally pop in with something interesting to say or (more probably) something to complain about.

Anyway, I heartily encourage you to visit his blog and read around a bit. It’s very interesting reading, and I’m happy to wait right here while you’re out reading his stuff.

One thing about Mikey, he likes his pizza, and one of his life’s journeys is to find the perfect pie. It’s kind of a religious quest, and it’s fun to be a pilgrim. But this entry isn’t really about Mikey so much as my small part in that journey to coal-fired nirvana.

I’ve been to a place called Grimaldi’s a few times with Mikey and others. It’s the best pizza I have ever had by far. To quote Mikey, “a cold slice of Grimaldi’s is better than a hot slice of Pizza Hut” any day of the week”. I have to agree.

Part of the fun is exploring different combinations of toppings to find the One True Combination of pizza goodness (which usually means one vegetable and one meat topping). Mikey had the classic pepperoni and mushroom yesterday. I opted for the sausage and onions. Both are terrific in their own right. I admit I’m not a huge fan of pepperoni, but it’s an undeniably pizza-ey flavor. And with the mushrooms adding that little touch of earthiness, it’s an awesome combo.

Sausage and onions, likewise, is good stuff. A great combination of sweet and savory.

As good as both pies were, I don’t think we have found the combination that trumps all others. I don’t say that with a single ounce of regret in my heart, either. That simply means we have more exploration to do. And explore 18 inches of round goodness at a time I shall do.

Which brings me to the reason behind the title of this post. I had three slices left over from my pie. Three wonderful sausage and onion slices. I don’t snack after dinner, so I didn’t have them last night. When I woke up this morning, nothing seemed right for breakfast until I saw that cardboard box from Grimaldi’s. Decision made!

I also had some left over coffee in the pot, so I poured it into a big mug with some milk and Splenda, making iced coffee. I heated two of the slices in the microwave and ate one cold. It was an absolutely terrific meal. What a way to start the day. Yep, even Grimaldi leftovers are better than anything the chain dough pushers put out.

The strong iced coffee and pizza were exactly what I needed. I think it’s safe to say the pizza gods were smiling on me today.

Published Fri 2/15/08 at 10:54am

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2 Responses to Breakfast of Champions

  1. LarsVargas said on Fri 2/15/08 at 10:59am

    You know, after writing this, I wonder how many different bloggers have used this title? Which brings to mind how many different things (ironic or literal) that title refers to.

    If i have time later, I’ll do a Google search.

  2. LarsVargas said on Fri 2/15/08 at 12:11pm

    Oh the irony! Look at the ad to the left. Pizza Hut. If only they knew.

    Never mind. It’s foreclosure ads now.

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