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Oh. My. Goodness. This. Is. Good. Ice. Cream.

I’m sitting here (free WiFi for the win!) at the world’s best ice cream and frozen treats place. Atomic #7 offers an amzing variety of frozen goodies, and they’re all made fresh in front of you. Nothing is frozen until it’s ordered. Once ordered, the ingredients are all mixed in liqud form and then quick frozen with liquid nitrogen. Hydrogen being the 7th atomic elemnt, lends it’s coldness to freeze your ice cream in addition to being integral to the name.

Nitrogen frozen ice cream is amazing stuff. The process creates a smooth and lush texture with any of the seven “milk” bases Atomic #7 offers. Even almond milk, which doesn’t make terribly smooth and creamy traditional ice cream comes out creamy and smooth. Regular cream is tranformed into something that Ben & Jerry can only aspire to make. Since the ingredients are fresh and nothing artificial even comes near it, the flavor is incomparable. Even “plain old chocolate” is tranformed into a super decadent treat.

The best part is that if you like to play with your food (or at least ewith your flavors) like I do they’ll mix up pretty much anything you want, as long as they have the ingredients. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream with peanute butter cups mixed in? No problem! Bubble gum peach pineapple banana? Sure! They even have choloate mole which contains cayenne pepper. And they’ll happily add as much pepper as you want. Hot ice cream comes to Vegas!

There are always new flavors to try. There’s even a “Science Experiment” flavor where your flavor gets chosen for you, with usually wonderful results. Customers constantly create new flavors, so ask when you go. (I hear there’s a Carrot Cake flavor that has brough tears to the eyes of ice cream fans.)

605 Mall Ring Circle #110
Henderson, NV 89014

Open 7 days a week from 11-11 starting August 18.

Published Wed 7/21/10 at 10:54am

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2 Responses to Oh. My. Goodness. This. Is. Good. Ice. Cream.

  1. Brian Schoenfeld said on Mon 7/26/10 at 9:45am

    to answers your questions it does appear, and does not cause an infinite loop…. Oh and welcome back to the blogosphere Lars Vargas

  2. LarsVargas said on Wed 7/28/10 at 5:10am

    Hey Brian! I didn’t think it realky created the loop with no end. But it was a funny thought for about 12 seconds.

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