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Read first. Apply second.

The lovely Mrs. Vargas called me yesterday and suggested that we go out for a sushi dinner. I liked the idea. I like sushi.

Since I work at home, my attire can sometimes be politely described as “casual” and other times, um, well, I wouldn’t want to be in public or under the scrutiny of Glamour’s eye. But I had actually gotten up early, showered, shampooed, and was dressed for public activities in shorts and a nice Hawaiian shirt.

I had my head shaved a couple of months ago and liked the look, but grew tired of shaving my head. It’s more work than having hair. (And I don’t want to hear it form you guys who are naturally bald, OK? Just get over it already.) Going the route of least resistance, I have been growing my hair back for a couple of months. It’s growing back fine, but looks a little scruffy, owing to no trims and all.

Wanting to look my best, I decided to gel my hair to tame some of the curls and fly-aways. I went into the bathroom, wetted my hair a bit and grabbed the bottle of gel. I put a dab on my hand and started to work it in.

It sure was foaming up nicely. And it had a really strong perfume smell.

Uh oh. Foaming? Perfume?

I looked at the bottle. Shampoo!


I didn’t want to strip down and rinse off in the shower again. I was clean enough already, with the morning shower. I wasn’t keen on rinsing off in the bathroom sink since I knew that was likely to make a big mess that I woudl have to clean up. The toilet was right out for obvious reasons (although it trumped all others in convenience — a quick dip to two, dry off, done).

That decided, I chose the least inconvenient way and carefully rinsed my head in the sink by using cupped handfuls of water. I even managed not to soak my shirt and the sink area. The mess was minimal. Score one for Lars.

Of course my hair was really wet now, wetter than it needed to be, but a quick towel dry took care of that.

I grabbed my bottle of gel. I may not be the smartest person on the planet, but I learn quickly. I read this one. Conditioner.

When did I get all these hair products in identical-looking bottles? I really don’t remember. I think the Hair Product Fairy comes now and then while I’m asleep. While I can’t complain, it would be much nicer if the Mortgage Payment Fairy or even the Bentley Fair woudl come. I would even pretend to be asleep as they slipped the cash or keys under my pillow. Promise! Anyway, I digress.

There weren’t that many bottles left to choose from, so my odds were getting better. Sure enough, the next bottle was gel. Gel suitably applied, I roughed my hair up a little for that “rock star” look Mrs. Vargas likes. Since I don’t see my hair unless there’s a mirror around (and I’m don’t really seek them out despite being pretty), I don’t really care. Might as well make her happy.

And best of all, my hair was really clean and nicely manageable.

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