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Lucky me! A job offer.

The world must know about me now. I’m getting job offers from companies I haven’t even sent an application. Heck, I’m not even looking for a job, being rather happy with my current employment circumstances.

But when I woke up this morning, look what was waiting for me in my email box:

It is my pleasure to write you in respect of our Company Jiangsu Chemical Co., We are looking for company representative in America/Canada NOTE: interested person must be above 25yrs of age with any working experience and no form of payment will be requested upfront in this endeavor.
Email: [removed] ( Or) [removed]

Contact Manager:
Dr. Fred Holms.

WOW! From a doctor and everything. This must be real. And there are so many details, it HAS to be a high-paying job.

I can’t wait. I’m truly excited.

And there’s another bonus. I had 6 different emails from the UK National Lottery telling me I had won, so I might not even need this job.

It is truly my lucky day.

Too bad the finger that deletes crap like this hurts so much from overuse.

Published Sun 8/12/07 at 1:19pm

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  1. LarsVargas said on Mon 1/7/08 at 1:40pm

    Oh in case anyone was wondering, I didn’t get the job after all. 🙁

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