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Registration on this site is encouraged, but not mandatory. Anyone is welcome to comment where the comments are open. Registration allows you an easy and convenient way to log into the site, post comments without having them held for moderation, and to submit articles or restaurant reviews for consideration.

Not to mention it’s free.

Simply go to the registration page and enter in your particulars. You will need to enter a valid email address to get your password. Whatever information you enter will be held in confidence and only information you want posted will be posted. I also will not be selling these lists, so don’t ask.

No, I don’t have a formal privacy policy yet. I might put one up in the future, but so far I don’t think this site is big enough for one. You will simply have to trust me. Just treat it like you would any other public venue: don’t post anything or provide any information you don’t want the entire world to find out. Because eventually they will.

Got questions? Give me a shout!