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I have seen the future of the web and it is shiny [UPDATED]

Web 2.0 is here. Sure, it’s the future of the Internet, but since the Internet waits for nobody, we need to deal with this wonderful future technology now. Why? Well, mainly because it’s here. This doesn’t even take into account Web 3.0, but since it’s a real future technology, not a future technology of today, I’m not worrying about it yet.

Another confusing aspect of Web 2.0 is that it means many things to many people. Since there are so many parts to Web 2.0 compliance, it’s difficult to make sure that your site has all the components. For instance, shiny buttons (a tip of the hat to Apple) and Ajax-enabled stuff gets you closer to Web 2.0 compliance, but it doesn’t necessarily ensure compliance. There are other aspects that go beyond my very light exploration here.

Fortunately, some brave souls have already tackled the amazing quagmire of Web 2.0 compliance and will help you determine if your site takes full advantage of this wonderful technology. Simply visit and get the full details.

They have distilled all the different web versions, from 0.75a beta up through the current 2.1z proposal, and will let you know exactly where your site is on the scale. And if you’re lucky enough to be fully compliant, you can proudly display your Web 2.0 Compliance Seal of Approval like I do.

Web 2.0 Compliance Seal of Approval

It’s good for you … Check your Web 2.0 compliance.


I almost forgot to add that the Web 2.0 compliance site has a tool that will upgrade your site to full compliance. Don’t miss out! Use the Web 2.0 Upgrade Tool to become compliant today.

Published Thu 5/1/08 at 10:29am

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