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Fry’s price matching works!

I’m genuinely surprised in a happy way.

Fry’s has a price matching policy. It’s not plastered all over the store, but I found it on the good ol’ Interweb after a short search:

If within 30 days of purchasing an item from Fry’s you see a lower in-stock price at a local competitor with a low price guarantee, Fry’s will cheerfully refund 110% of the amount of the competitor’s low price guarantee. Or, if within 30 days of purchase, a local Fry’s, or a local competitor without a low price guarantee has a lower price, Fry’s will refund 100% of the difference.

NOTE: All comparisons are based on price, excluding any applicable sales tax. Low price guarantee for notebook computers, microprocessors, memory, CD and DVD recorders, camcorders, digital cameras, and air conditioners is within 15 days from purchase date. To apply for Fry’s low price guarantee, simply bring in your original cash register receipt and verifiable proof of a current lower price.

*All comparisons are based on in-store tagged price at the time of request, excluding sales tax. Offer good on all fresh-boxed products of the same exact model in stock at a local competitor. We reserve the right to limit this offer to one of each model. Offer does not apply to wireless phones and pagers that require a service agreement. Offer does not apply when price includes bonus or free offers or one-of-a-kind or limited-quantity offers.
NOTE: Does not apply to expired ads. Fry’s ads valid for only stores listed in the ad.

Last night I bought a GPS unit for my car. The price was $399.99. It was a bit of an impulse purchase, but was within my budget and seemed reasonable. I didn’t really do much research other than trying to find my home address (in a 2-year-old development) on different units to see how fresh the maps were. This was the only one that had it.

I got things set up last night and really like the GPS I got. It has all the features I want and no silly extras that I don’t like an MP3 player.

Today I did some looking around to see if I got a killer deal and found the same unit at Circuit City for $299.99.

Uh oh. Quite a difference.

So armed with Fry’s price matching policy, I called Circuit City, found out their price, if it was in stock, etc. I figured the price was $399.99 with a rebate or something. But it wasn’t. The “street” price was $299.99. Sweet. $110 back to me (CC matches prices!).

I called Fry’s to verify the price matching policy and they confirmed its existence and said to bring in my receipt and proof of the lower price. I told the operator that the only proof was calling Circuit City and she said that’s fine, that they will call to verify. I brought my receipt, and a printout of the address and phone number of the CC store I called.

On my lunch hour, I went back to Fry’s and figured I was in for a fight. I wasn’t particularly angry. After all, I was actually happy at $399.99 and figured an extra $110 back would be a bonus. I also figured that being angry would not help my cause, as getting the one person who can help me angry or defensive ain’t gonna help.

The clerk in returns was young, helpful, and nice. She even apologized for the short wait I had in line and apologized again for having to leave to verify the price with CC on the phone.

When she came back about 5 minutes later, she was smiling and said yes the price was verified and I would be getting a refund. She pulled up the transaction on the computer and even Fry’s had dropped the price $50 overnight! Boy did I pick the wrong day to buy a GPS! She entered in $299.99 for the new price and said I would be getting back $100.

Oops. Not so quick.

I explained their 110% policy and she was completely unaware of it. I think her ignorance of the 110% was genuine and not a ploy. So I got another apology and we waited a few minutes for the very busy manager. The manager instantly confirmed 110% and gave me that other $10.


They had a tiny bit of paperwork to do and I had to sign a receipt. No problem. I was happy with my $110 savings. But when the receipt came the refund was actually $118.53 … they refunded sales tax, too. I wasn’t expecting that, especially with their policy stating it, but I wasn’t going to argue over another $8.53.

Aside from a little bit of waiting for busy employees to help other people, it was as pleasant and easy a process as you could hope for. I was expecting grief and hoop jumping and got only respect and what I wanted!

I have to give the Las Vegas Fry’s store a BIG thumbs up for being on top of customer service.

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