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Happy Turkey Day!

Today Today is the day I go into hiding. I hear that turkeys are being sought out nationwide, and I have to play it safe.

We each have so much to be thankful for today. In between bites of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry, I like to take a few moments to reflect on all we have in life and be thankful. Remembering who and what is valuable to us and appreciating it only makes it that much more valuable.

No matter where you are, have a very Happy Thanksgiving. If you are traveling, may your journey be a safe one.

Published Thu 11/24/05 at 6:06am

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2 Responses to Happy Turkey Day!

  1. lmednick said on Sat 11/26/05 at 10:17pm

    Happy Thanksgiving to Mr. Vargas and family as well. I am one of the many that took to the road to visit Reno, Nevada. I spent many a year here and have a number of friends and family. Just before our Thanksgiving turkey, I hosted a nice meal at my house here in Reno. I broke out a hot sauce that Mr. Vargas is going to assume ownership. It’s Insane sauce and it’s derived from pepper extract. Doesn’t state what type of peppers, but it’s their extract. So, I was thankfull ahead of time that my head didn’t pop off my shoulders. A taste of it is enough to give me a flush of warmth over my face. This is something that Mr. Vargas will appreciate in small quantities. Once the heat finally left my face and mouth, I started my starvation until Thanksgiving day. A light breakfast and voila, it’s turkey time. The meal was prepared by a good friend of the family, a professional chef, which everybody should know. We had kosher ham, turkey, all the fixings and I brought my homemade cranberry sauce. Which was also a hit (Thank G*d). Reflecting back on the past year, I am thankful for the abundance my family has. We have food, enough money to pay the bills and still have a little bit of fun. The past year gave me a raise, though my work environment was poor, to say the best. I have very good friends and met a new one. Mr. Vargas. When I leave Vegas in 6 weeks, I will endevor to keep this friendship alive. And, if my business venture blooms, Mr. Vargas will be receiving business from me. To say the least, this coming year is going to be stressful to start with. I’m leaving a good paying job and going to venture into something that may leave me working at Sears. Then again, I may enter into this venture and be driving a new car within 6 months.
    Bottom line, I am very thankful to G*d for giving me the ability to think, make money both with my hands and with my mind. I give thanks for the friends I have and family that I have. All of which are supporting me.
    I am also thankful for having a vehcle that has taken me over 200K miles with little problems and will take me back to Vegas Sunday night.
    And, finally, thank you Mr. Vargas for having this blog or is it a blarg(as).

    Happy safe holiday to all.

  2. LarsVargas said on Mon 11/28/05 at 6:17am

    I can’t wait to try the hot sauce. If it’s Dave’s Insanity, that’s some gooood stuff. And yeah, it’s a tad on the warm side.

    Oddly enough, I will be turning in my resignation today. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you, and continuing our friendship beyond work is something I plan to do as well. I’m glad you had a good turkey day and your truck is continuing its long streak of reliability.

    All the best to you in every endeavor in which you partake.

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