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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mother Vargas has a birthday today. Mother Vargas lives outside of Boston, so she was already at work when I got up at 6:00am Vegas time.

Luella the cat sleeps in the utility room and is rather noisy in the morning when she gets up and is ready to come out. As soon as she hears any human activity, Luella likes to announce her consciousness through a series of “meows”, “meoowrs” and even the occasional “mc-gow”.

We sent Mom a card a few days ago, but no gift. I wanted to do something unique, so why not have the cat sing to her? I got Mom on the phone, quietly walked into the kitchen, and opened the door to the utility room where Luella was waiting. I told Mom that Luella had a message and held the phone up to the cat.

Luella came through and had plenty to say. Mom loved her birthday serenade by the cat. Although Luella really didn’t sing, her utterances were far better than anything I would have attempted to croon. She was definitely in the spirit.

I didn’t sing because I’m 1) not that good at it and 2) “Happy Birthday” still is under copyright and by singing it, I probably would have been breaking some part of the DMCA.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you and am glad Luella and I were able to bring a little joy to your day.

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