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Another Average Day

Yesterday was one of those average days where you know you got something done, but you simply cannot put your finger on any specifics. I was awake for around seventeen hours, but there is very little concrete I can point to that I did.

I already posted about having Luella sing for my mom on her birthday. After that, I went to work. I think I spoke with someone about something. I do remember lunch. We went to “La Cabaña“. It was good. After lunch, I did more work and spoke to more people about things. Such excitement.

The drive home was average. Not too fast, not too slow. A few people didn’t understand the concept of the left lane being the fast one, but that’s typical. In fact, had that not happened, it would not have been an average drive.

When I got home I remembered something: I had computer work to do. Mrs. Vargas and I each have our own computers at home. Actually, I have several (it’s what I do for a living), and she has one. This way she can use it any time she needs a machine and I don’t get interrupted. It’s a system that has served us well for a while and is always reliable.

Mrs. Vargas doesn’t need her computer very often. She is not a nerd about them like I am. After the move to Las vegas, I had set up all the machines and made sure they were happy in their new home. Unfortunately, Mrs. Vargas’s machine wasn’t happy in its new home. Not happy at all. It wouldn’t boot or even POST. Since she’s not a frequent user, and since my machines are usually on, she has been using my workstation when needed. No biggie.

Yesterday, though, I had had enough. Not of Mrs. Vargas using my machine, but of her machine simply sitting there collecting dust. It’s a nice, custom painted computer and likes to be used. It was clearly upset about the move and wanted some attention. I suspected the problem was minor, something likely dislodged a bit during the 2,500 mile drive and needed to be re-set.

The case Mrs. Vargas’s computer is in, however, is a real beast to deal with. It’s tool-less, so I was spared the Search For Screwdrivers(tm). It’s just the case is simply a pain in the neck to take apart and re-assemble so I was avoiding the whole situation. Why realigning a few pieces of metal and a plastic cover is so difficult, I have no idea.

The excuses were over, though. It was time to work. After spending about 10 minutes getting the machine apart, I re-seated all the cards, the memory, and the CPU. The initial re-boot was fine and the machine was now happy in its new home. After an hour with the case off and fans able to sing in their full unmuffled glory, it was time to reassemble the case and proclaim the computer “repaired”. I learned a long time ago that you should never ever re-assemble a computer case until you have verified it is working as expected. If you jump the gun and assemble too quickly, it can almost be guaranteed that you will have to take it apart again for some very minor reason.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes, the computer was fixed. I’m pretty happy with this. A few of these “minor” repairs have turned into 5-hour marathons of frustration before. But this was a Certified Average Day, and I was spared any agony.

Now you know why it was an average day. The most exciting thing I did was take a computer case apart, re-seat a CPU, and re-assemble the computer.

I’m not complaining about this. Not at all. I’ll take average over exciting any time. I’ve heard that Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

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