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Moving to Vegas: Day 1, the first half

The day started out OK, and everything was going well until the mover showed up. He seemed chipper enough until he toured the house and proclaimed that I had lied to him about what had to be moved. Now if you want to get my attention in a hurry, call me a liar. I am many things, but a liar is not one of them. However, since I needed his services desperately, I decided to let that one slide.

I told him that I was very specific about what had to be moved and that I requested that he come out ahead of time and give me a quote, but in his words, he’s a professional and could tell from our conversation. OK so be it.

Well Mr. Professional Mover was just too upset and it “would kill” him to move all our stuff (despite the fact that a two-man crew had not only packed it but unloaded it the same day when we moved in). He told me wanted to leave and not do the job since he only had himself and an assistant but absolutely needed three men to do the job.

After going back and forth for a few minutes Mrs. Vargas came to the rescue and told him that he came recommended from friends and that professionals don’t leave jobs. So he decides to load our stuff in the truck, but grumbled that it would take more than six hours. Boohoo, I say. He’s getting paid hourly!

This was Tuesday. What I haven’t said yet is that Mr. Professional Mover had actually been scheduled to show up on Monday, but actually showed up at 8:30 Sunday morning. We sent him away and told him to come back Monday. This was another chance to take a look at the job that he didn’t take advantage of. Of course, he absolutely couldn’t show up on Monday, so Tuesday was agreed upon. At least he was on time on Tuesday.

But it kind of goes down hill from there.

About half-way through the job, Mrs. Vargas and I are alone in the bedroom for a minute and she lets me know that Mr. Professional Mover took her aside and told her that she was the only reason that he stayed to do the job, that she has a pretty face (I cannot argue that) and that if things didn’t work out between her and me, that she should call him. And he was serious.

Now, I’m not a jealous man. I’m secure in our relationship and didn’t take Mr. Professional Mover’s advances as a threat. First of all, I’m far prettier then he is, and secondly, well, I wasn’t as sweaty. At least that day.

Despite my lack of jealousy, he sure did step over a line. I advised Mrs. Vargas to take it as a compliment and not to go near him alone, just in case. Had I not been completely exhausted, I would have done something, likely involving asses and boots, but I was tired. Worse, when the movers left at noon, there was still a HUGE amount of work to do. So I let the whole hitting on my wife thing slide. However, if Mr. Professional Mover ever shows his face in Vegas, I’m going to have a few words with him.

Did I mention that although Mr. Professional Mover only had a crew of two, he really needed three? I did. And I was number three. Well, not quite three, but at least number two-and-a-half. I’m not in the best shape and my back has been injured a few times. So lots of lifting, climbing up the truck ramp, and working in the heat wasn’t doing me much good.

But onto the packing. Mr. Professional Mover, his assistant, and I had put the boxes and heavy stuff on the truck. There were a few minor items left, but I didn’t think there was anything too big left to do. Unfortunately, about one-third of the kitchen and a fair amount of other stuff still needed packing after the movers left. I was happy to see his lecherous ass go, but sad because I knew all the physical work would be placed upon my already tired back. But this was moving day, and I was going to move no matter what. I packed up what needed to be packed and loaded it as best I could in the truck.

We have a cat named Luella. Luella was also moving. I planned it so that the office downstairs at our condo would be empty, get no traffic, and would be Luella’s temporary holding area while we packed and got the truck loaded. So into the office Luella went.

Luella is generally a good cat, although given to moments of deviousness. To her credit, she behaved well, especially since she was hungry. We had to withhold food after breakfast in order to prevent problems on the flight.

Had Mrs. Vargas not been scheduled to fly with Luella that night, I would have delayed the move by a day. We needed to leave no later than 6:00pm, and time was flying by. And I was now beyond exhausted and my inner thighs were so chafed they didn’t want to meet again for at least a few days.

And when I get really tired, I also tend to get a bit grumpy. It was a very long, tough day for everyone. As flight time got closer and closer, it looked like we were about to run out of time.

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