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Why Can’t Rain Happen Before I wash the Car?

I live in a desert. We have VERY little rain. I understand this. That’s why it’s a desert, after all. Because of the lack of rain, we also have lots of dust. I have a black car which apparently has a special dust-attracting paint job (factory applied).

I own a duster for the car, and it works remarkably well. Every few days, a quick dusting and good as new. No water required. So really, dust is no issue for me. Water spots, however, require the car to be washed.

It hasn’t rained here for more than a month. Coincidentally, my car hadn’t been washed in roughly the same time. My car was dusty, but not really dirty. Nonetheless, it was due for a wash. This weekend, I decided it deserved a wash and wax, so it got one.

It looked great yesterday.

It looked great this morning leaving the house.

And on the way to work, it got spritzed. Not even real rain. Just enough to solidify any dust that might have been on it and cause a bunch of water spots. Not enough to wash it off or even bead up to show everyone my lovely wax job.

This seems to happen every time I wash the car. What lovely timing the sky has.

I guess the up side is that I could probably end the drought in Las Vegas by washing my car daily.

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