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An open letter to the Lexus drivers of the world

Dear Fellow Driver:

Hi there! I’m another driver on the road. Just like you, I’m using the paved conduit to get form point A to point B. I know this may surprise you, since when you paid twice the going price of a Toyota for a Toyota with a badge that looks like a rip-off of the Mercedes-Benz logo, you thought you bought the road as well.

I also hate to tell you, but the ES300 didn’t remove the stink from your shit. Neither did the LX470, so no smiling over there, OK?

Yes, I know the free detail with service at the dealership is really nice. I’ve never been to one, but I suspect they even have fancy snacks and nice drinks. After all, you bought your way into automobile royalty, didn’t you?

I realize that you make a lot of money and want to show the world how wonderful you are through your choice of transportation appliance, but are you really so important that you must have that cell phone next to your ear while your attention wanders to anything but driving? Surely with your huge income you can afford the hands-free option and increase your safety as well as the safety of others on the road.

Better yet, pull over and take the call. Oh right. Silly me. If you did that, you’d never get anywhere since you’re always on the damned phone!

Also, a turn signal is not an indication that you should accelerate to block me out, but rather an indication that I would like a little room to move into another lane or make a turn.

When you wave, it’s generally more polite to use all five fingers.

Sure, I’m picking on the Lexus drivers since they are usually the most conspicuous offenders, but no laughing you BMW owners, maniac ricer racers, Escalade-wielding soccer moms, Corvette & Porsche drivers, and people with trucks the height and size of an office building. You’re no better than the Lexus drivers, nor are you better than those of us with “average” or even crappy cars.

How’s about all of you cutting us break. I promise that my large full-framed V8-powered car will do a helluva lot more damage to your precious toy than your toy will do to my car. But let’s not go there. Insurance is expensive enough.

Really all this is about is courtesy. Don’t cut other people off. Learn that a red light really does mean stop, not that you have an extra 5 to 10 seconds to blow through. Put the phone down and enjoy the drive a little. After all, it’s not the car’s fault the driver is a jerk. It’s just that some brands seem to attract them more than others.

Lars Vargas

Published Tue 12/20/05 at 3:07am

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8 Responses to An open letter to the Lexus drivers of the world

  1. Vin said on Tue 12/20/05 at 1:09pm


  2. Keith Jones said on Sat 4/5/08 at 2:23pm

    Yes, Lexus is made by Toyota, yet the non Camry based ones are have superior engineering, luxury and reliability to Benz, Bimmer, Audi and anything American except perhaps for the newer Caddies. They share little with the Toyotas except for reliability. My yuppie colleagues have had many problems/stradings with their newer Teutonic money pits. My 1999 SC 300 is mint at 130K, with only maintenance without any major repairs. It’s comparable in performance with any 3 liter 6 cylider BMW, and many older stock V8 pony cars such 4.6 & 5.0 Mustangs. Only time she stranded me was due to a dead battery when parked for 2 weeks. AAA has made some profit on me.
    In my area of Coastal CA most Lexi are carefully driven slowly by seniors, as I tend to do. Except out in the desert and LA.
    Sorry for the knuckle heads in your town. Ours tend do that in raised full size 3/4 ton trucks. Please go test drive a SC or LS with an open mind and heavy foot…You know your cars well, I hate to see that some fools poisoned your opinion of a great marque. Best regards, Keith

  3. wayne keith said on Thu 6/5/08 at 11:24am

    You surely have a problem with ‘lexus’ owners around the world. Now, let me diagnose this argument. If YOU had a lexus or a bmw (or have enough money to own one yourself), would YOU be talking like a little girl who is having her first period (like a bitch really)? The human psychology is an interesting one, jealousy is the number one factor that drives us to make the MONEY and own NICE things wouldn’t you agree? BUT, the world will not allow ANYONE to make that kind of money. So for those who DOESN”T have it, hates and complains about to those who HAS it because they are just little men/women trying to be one of those rich groups but can’t or never made it. You are one of them, fyi i own a ’06 BMW 650i, my mother in law owns a “lexus” GS 460, my father owns a MB G55 AMG. We are nice people, and we don’t cut people off just because we own cars that you cannot afford in a million years, surely doesn’t make you the right to complain about it and discriminating “rich” folks purely out of jealousy in internet forums such as this one. Although you’ve wrote an interesting article here however you fail; due to high level of ill mannered stereotypical “middle” class attitude. Seriously, you don’t want to get messy with the “rich” folks, they are higher above the social rank and have the potential to make your small bank account even smaller if conflict arise on the road.

  4. LarsVargas said on Fri 6/6/08 at 6:12am

    Actually, I could tell you about one of several S-Class Merecedes Benzes, Cadillacs, Lincolns, and even Rolls-Royces I have owned and driven politely, but if I did that, I might come off sound like a self-impressed asshole who has to remind the world how great he is while trying to tear down others he knows nothing about.

    Just like you.

    You’re a funny little man. I’m sure you take the paychecks your six (or is it seven?) figure salary gets you and jerk off into them before depositing them in the bank. You know, two deposits. HEH! And you drive there in you 650i VERY politely. I know I would do just that if I wasn’t such a crap car driving trailer-dwelling loser.

    Fortunately, I’m a crap car driving trailer-dwelling (as far as you know) loser with a really good driving record and lots and lots of insurance by a major company. If I hit you because of your stupidity, rest assured, it’s not MY bank account that will be drained. I guess all that money in your bank account is somehow distorting your perception of reality. I can understand, really. If I was so obsessed about one thing that I had to keep reminding the world about my involvement with it, I woudl likely lose perspective. Therapy might hep you with that.

    And one last thing, there’s a lot more to being “rich” than simply being an arrogant prick with a high income. I am richer than you will ever be. In a million years.

  5. LarsVargas said on Fri 6/6/08 at 6:20am

    Keith Jones,

    You’re right. Lexus makes terrific cars. My title was a bit pointed, but as noted later in the post, it was aimed at all rude drivers, not just Lexus owners.

    Actually, Wayne has another point besides the one on top of his head. The expensive cars around Vegas tend to be more polite. I’ve never had a Maybach try to climb up my tailpipe. Young women (like Wayne) in smaller cars tend to be the craziest drivers around town. A 24-year-old in a 2001 Honda Civic is terrifying.

    On the other hand, my original post still rings true.

  6. Phil Stanhope said on Fri 6/6/08 at 3:51pm

    is wayne having some sort of a breakdown? or is he the one that’s having his first period. he needs to calm the hell down and STFU.

    high income or low income i totaly agree with you lars. my hate for thos who cut me off and talk on the phone when they need to be feeling the drive is to the extreme. espeicaly wen they are on phone and cutting people off. I FEEL LIKE GOING UP TO THEM AND KEYING THEIR CARS LEXUS OR HYUNDAI.

    driving is driving; what lars meant was, leave the talking cutting and rude behaviors off the road and in your own time while not driving and pay freaggin attention while driving.
    wayne, you are ignorant. very. do people with money always like you or are you a special case (a retard)

    to wayne- lars is not discriminating rich folksk or generalizing how they cant drive you idiot, first read the article before making a total ass out of yourself. he is making a point about some people with typical behavior which luxurious brands tends attract and its partially true NOT THE DRIVERS OF ALL LUXURIOUS BRANDS dumb dumb geesh-

    lars i couldn’t agree w you more.

    true n well said article

    keep it up


  7. LarsVargas said on Sun 6/15/08 at 4:28pm

    Thanks, Phil.

    Wayne’s funny in a sad way. I’m glad you (and presumably most intelligent people who read my post) understood its intent.

    It’s not really abut the car being driven, so much as the person driving the car. Vegas drivers seem to be very aggressive, rude and unpredictable. I’ve driven in Manhattan and would rather drive in heavy Manhattan or even Los Angeles traffic than heavy Vegas traffic. Lexuses or not. 🙂

  8. Erica Gibbs said on Sun 1/25/09 at 11:31am

    Well I don’t think all Lexus drivers are rude, I mean there are some of us who are actually good drivers. I can see where your frustration comes from though, because you are right about people who own expensive cars think that they rule the road. But please there are some Lexus drivers, like me, who are actually nice and know how to drive.

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