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Happy (belated) Birthday, Mr. Vin!

Mr. Vin is my step father and today is his birthday. Well, as I write this it’s still technically his birthday for just over two hours here in Vegas. Where he lives on the east coast of the US, it’s past midnight.

I missed posting his wish on the day.

So this is the first official Lars Vargas belated birthday wish post. I did speak with Mr. Vin on the phone, so it’s not like I totally forgot. I simply didn’t post here for the entire world (or my 7 or 8 actual readers) to know.

I know you spent the day working, Mr. Vin, but I hope you took a few minutes to simply celebrate you and enjoy life a bit. You’re a great guy and have been a huge part of my life. Thank you and happy birthday.

Gee, maybe I can get away with saying this one was actually 364 days early.

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