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Tonopah Restaurant – Good Eats in the Middle of The Desert

Banc Club Restaurant
Tonopah, NV
(directions below)

This review was thoughtfully provided by my good friend Louis. We used to work together, and he is a regular reader of this site. Thanks for the review, Louis, and if anyone else is interested in writing for the site, please get in touch.

It’s not often that one finds a restaurant that makes you take a second look. But I found one.

It’s at the Banc Club and it’s in Tonopah. Where in the heck is Tonopah? Tonopah is the approximate half-way point between Reno and Las Vegas. On 95N @ Craig Rd. it’s 200 miles to Tonopah or about 3.5 hours drive.

Now, what could catch my attention in such a desolate town? If you travel, then you are well aware of the blah type of cardboard that is used for burgers. It nearly seems mandatory that if you live in no-man’s land, you must pass on your high school food experience to your customers. The Banc Club breaks that mold (no pun intended).

I was there a few weeks ago, not expecting much, due to the fact that the time previous, I was unimpressed. The food was not much more than blah. Since then, the restaurant has gone through a management and ownership change.

So, the list of events went like this. I arrived late for dinner. Around 10:00 PM. We were seated nearly immediately. The two high school students gave us menus and got us some fresh brewed coffee (it was good timing). After that, the service was only okay until the owner took over. I ordered a burger and was fully expecting cardboard. My girl ordered a chicken sandwich and wasn’t expecting too much either.

When the food arrived, I was shocked. The burger was large, the patty was thick. There was a slice of onion that impressed me! My girl’s sandwich was very large and it smelled great. I eagerly anticipated the juiciness of the burger and had to wait until the brought the bottle of ketchup. I loaded it with my normal dollop and voila, my sandwich was done. The first bite is always the one that tells me what the rest of the burger will be like. The bite of burger I had bit into was not dry. It was cooked medium and appeared to be about 1/2 pound patty. I don’t know what they used for seasoning, but it was good. My girl was very impressed with her sandwich and didn’t finish it because it was so large.

Their menu consisted of a variety of food, from burgers to elegant food. Pricing ranged from around $6 for burgers on up for the fancier dishes.

There are very few restaurants in Tonopah and I strongly suggest this place.

In fact, this summer, take a trip to Tonopah, visit the mining tour, and eat at that great restaurant.

Published Wed 12/21/05 at 9:51pm

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