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Something Else I Don’t Need

As I cruise the Information Highway I see lots of stuff. Some of it is pretty useful and other things leave me scratching my head and wondering, “Why?”

I’ll let you guess where I stand on the following product.

It’s called the VroomBox and claims to make your plain old boring car, their example is a Toyota Sienna minivan, sound like something a bit more powerful and exotic, say a Lamborghini V12 or Shelby Cobra. How does this miracle of technology work? Pretty simple, it hooks into your engine’s tachometer connector and then send a sound signal out to an amplifier and speakers you need to provide.

VroomBox says it will make your wimpy car sound like a muscle car but only if you supply the right parts

So not only do I need some weatherproof speakers, I need to figure out how to hide them on the outside of my car? And according to the Design vote page it looks like they’re still trying to figure out what product to offer.

My own car is not a muscle car by any stretch of the imagination (yet). But it does have a decently large V8 engine that with the right exhaust would sound good. The factory dual exhaust sounds good, but I suspect a couple of Flowmasters would be a better investment than a VroomBox, since I’ve got the cubic inches to create a little noise if I want it.

Then again, if you’ve got one of those goofy cars that sounds like a lawn mower and a hornet mated, maybe you should buy one of these. In fact, please do. I’d rather hear a fake Camaro SS than your ridiculous 3″ pipe.

Still interested? Visit the VroomBox Web site.

Published Sun 1/8/06 at 9:03pm

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3 Responses to Something Else I Don’t Need

  1. Kevin W said on Tue 1/10/06 at 5:08pm

    My first question is WHY???
    Is a Yugo that sound like a Ferrari really going to pick up chicks?
    If it does, I’m not sure if they are the kind I’d like to pick up.

  2. Vin said on Wed 1/11/06 at 1:03pm

    Two points: First: Great civilizations learn that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. For example the first person who decided that peeing on the fire was counter productive probably got to be the leader of his tribe. This appears to be a lesson our society has forgotten.
    Secondly, ther ei sno combination of electronic junk that will make a rice rocket sound like a Ferrari or a Jag. Just ain’t gonna happen.

  3. LarsVargas said on Wed 1/11/06 at 10:07pm

    This thing looks like classic vaporware to me anyway. There are no pictures of the actual product and it’s not for sale yet … just pre-orders. It is scary that our civilization has come to this, however. And if these guys are peeing on our collective fire, I don’t want them in charge of the tribe next week.

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