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Many garage sales and not a single garage for sale…

Mrs. Vargas and I went to a terrific garage sale yesterday. Several, actually. What was terrific about them was that they were actually a community garage sale that spanned several neighborhoods in Green Valley, home of the Green Valley Ranch Station Casino (shown on American Casino). It’s a nice area, with some expensive homes, and only a few miles from Casa Vargas.

The sale was not only large it was well organized. The participating subdivisions had all gotten together and had maps printed, as well as the addresses of participating homes. It made finding the sales much easier. An added bonus were the houses not on the official list who had decided to set up their own sales.

At about 9:00am, we were armed with some cash and a treasure map of homes trying to get rid of stuff. The first sale we came up to had some black towels. I don’t buy used towels for people to use, but black towels are great for wiping down a black car after detailing it. We bought a couple of nice large ones for $2 each. The seller wasn’t willing to negotiate price on her dry erase marker board for $15, so I passed.

A few stops around that neighborhood yielded the typical collection of stuff a homeowner doesn’t want any more, nor does anyone else. It’s funny how some people are proud of their junk. Even though it’s not in use in their home any more, they still should get top dollar for it.

Prior to moving, Mrs. Vargas and I decided that we needed to reduce the amount of “stuff” (euphemism) we owned. We had our own garage sale, but sold with the stipulation that anything left at the end of the day got donated to charity. Needless to say, prices dropped dramatically toward the end of our sale and we had very little left over at the end of the day. To me, that’s how it should work. This is not business. It’s a polite way of foisting your unwanted and unused stuff onto others for a few bucks, and possibly helping out charity if that doesn’t work out.

When selling at a garage sale, I am aggressive with my pricing. I want this stuff gone and generally take anything close to a reasonable offer. When buying, I’m cheap, so I like ot negotiate. I’m not a jerk about it. If someone wants $20 for something, I don’t offer $2, but I might start at $11 and work up to $15 or $16. That’s how it’s supposed to work, at least.

Well, I’ve got to hand it to the residents of Green Valley. I hardly negotiated prices at all. I didn’t have to. Actually, some of the prices were so nice, I didn’t want to negotiate. I wanted to buy and get out of there before they realized how cheap it was!

We got a nice piece of furniture (I have no idea what you’d call it: a small dresser? a table? a credenza?) for our guest bathroom. Fits perfectly, matches the wood tones, and was only $5. I would have paid $15, so why haggle? Grab it, give them the $5 and run!

We found other good deals, including some plastic folding chairs for the patio, a new laser printer (my 12-year old one finally died) and various tsatskes.

By about 10:30am, a mere 90 minutes into this quest for deals and goodies, I was about done with it and so was Mrs. Vargas (or maybe she was just done with me being done). Yeah, the back seat and trunk of my car were full, and frankly, I can only look at so many racks of ugly clothes that wouldn’t fit me, books I don’t want to read, and dishes I wouldn’t let the cat eat off of to get the occasional useful trinket.

We’re not professional garage sales shoppers like some folks, but I can definitely see the allure of a good sale, and especially an entire community of them. Thanks to this sale, I’m going to start buying the paper and scoping out others … even though we really don’t need to buy anything. Maybe we’ll buy enough stuff that other people don’t want to have our own sale some day.

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