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Moving to Vegas: Day 4, the first half

Well as nice as Texas had been, it was nice to see another state. Hello New Mexico! I felt like we had now made real progress. So far the journey was going extremely well, especially since we had tow alpha-males in the truck. Not only were Dad and I still speaking, but we were still having meaningful conversations. This is a good sign.

A few miles over the New Mexico border was the welcome station. We had made it a habit to stop in all the welcome stations along the way for a variety of reasons. The primary one, usually, was a rest room break. The secondary was the free maps. Maps have always fascinated me beyond their utility. I think part of it is dreaming of being in all those exotic and obscure places, wondering what they are like, noting the differences and similarities to the places I already know. At least that’s the romantic version of it.

The Welcome Center on I-40 just west of the Texas/New Mexico border had something even better than maps and a place to pee for free. They had Internet access. I’m an Internet junkie. I make my living doing Internet things and I also have a lot of fun hanging around on the Internet. For nearly four days, I was completely and totally without Internet access, so being able to get online for free, in the middle of nowhere, was too much to resist. Peeing can wait (it had to anyway, but I’ll get to that). Read more on Moving to Vegas: Day 4, the first half…

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Risky business begets free eats: one of the cool things about living in Vegas

One of the cool things about Las Vegas is the abundance of places to eat. And most of them are really good places to eat. I used to live in Orlando, and a good place to eat there is a national chain where the weird stuff nailed to the walls is usually more compelling than the food. There is no real decent local cuisine in Orlando, although barbecue is close. Vegas cuisine seems to run the entire gamut, from stuff that’s best described as “food” to world class dining.

When you come to Las Vegas the first thing you should do upon entering any casino is to join their players club. You get all sorts of freebies and coupons just for joining and an opportunity for more if you gamble. The coupons usually relate to free or discounted food in some way, typically buffets, for which Vegas is famous. If you visit regularly, about monthly, the casinos will send you more coupons in the mail. We’ve been here long enough to have received a few mailings. There is always a food coupon. Casinos love to discount and give away food. Read more on Risky business begets free eats: one of the cool things about living in Vegas…

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