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Offline doesn’t have to mean out of touch

A fact that I considered, but didn’t really worry about when I got my iPad, was that it’s a Wi-Fi-only model. The 3G models weren’t available yet and I don’t want to deal with AT&T anyway. Wi-Fi, while pretty common, is not freely available everywhere. Fortunately, it seems to be where I am about 80% of the time. That’s close enough for me.

This is not one of those times, however. It’s no big deal, either. The WordPress app for my iPad allows me to type entries completely offline and post them later when I have access again. Not a bad arrangement, if you ask me. It doesn’t matter if this gets posted at 5:45pm or 8:45pm, really. Read more on Offline doesn’t have to mean out of touch…

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Still alive

I hope I’ll get a little time to write some more stuff soon.

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I have seen the future of the web and it is shiny [UPDATED]

Web 2.0 is here. Sure, it’s the future of the Internet, but since the Internet waits for nobody, we need to deal with this wonderful future technology now. Why? Well, mainly because it’s here. This doesn’t even take into account Web 3.0, but since it’s a real future technology, not a future technology of today, I’m not worrying about it yet. Read more on I have seen the future of the web and it is shiny [UPDATED]…

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Lucky me! A job offer.

The world must know about me now. I’m getting job offers from companies I haven’t even sent an application. Heck, I’m not even looking for a job, being rather happy with my current employment circumstances.

But when I woke up this morning, look what was waiting for me in my email box: Read more on Lucky me! A job offer….

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A Few Good Books

James Lileks is one of the funniest writers around. His sense of humor is a bit weird, but he’s always got a great take on the mundane as well as the ridiculous. His daily Bleat blog ( is a must read. His web site ( will entertain you for hours.

He also has a new book, Mommy Knows Worst. We just got our copy and it’s a scream.

Take a look at the link above. Order a copy or two or three. Read more on A Few Good Books…

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Everyone Has a Dream

I saw this on the Today Show this morning.

This site is run by a guy who is pretty clear about his dream: (It looks like quite a few people also saw it so you may encounter a “service unavailable” error or broken pictures. Hit reload a few times or wait a day or two.)

Read more on Everyone Has a Dream…

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Got Penguins? Put a Pool in Your House!

I always thought that only rich people with huge homes had pools in their homes. I was incorrect. Imaginative people who want a habitat for their pengiuns also have them. And they go about getting them in interesting ways.

Read more on Got Penguins? Put a Pool in Your House!…

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Dr. Seuss Research Yields Green Ham

What do you get when Taiwanese researchers cross pig embryos and jellyfish DNA? Green-glowing pigs! BBC News reports.

I know you’re thinking that if pgis can be made green, eggs can’t be far behind. Easter tradition and the folks at PAAS (Happy 125th birthday!) had that one covered years ago.

Read more on Dr. Seuss Research Yields Green Ham…

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The Train! The Train!

A train that travels at 502KPH. That’s over 311MPH! I imagine getting caught at a railroad crossing would ruin not only your day, but everyone on the train’s as well. I knew that maglev technology was progressing, but not this far.

Read more on The Train! The Train!…

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Learn How to be a Ninja

With a t-shirt and a little attitude, you, too can be a Ninja. Enjoy that Ninja lifestyle and, of course, kick a little ass if you are so disposed. You’re a Ninja after all. Who’s going to argue?

Here’s how to do it: Read more on Learn How to be a Ninja…

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Wallets: I Duct the Issue

I wanted to wait until after the holidays were over to avoid anyone who saw this and had gift ideas.

Never give a man a wallet as a gift. Just don’t do it. Men are picky about their wallets. Most men will use a wallet until it becomes a worn leather flap that surrounds their ID, credit cards, and cash. At that point a man then has to search for the correct wallet. This search might take weeks or even months, depending on how picky a guy is.

I’m pretty picky about my wallets. Mrs. Vargas learned a long time ago not to even mention the subject; that my own wallet replacement schedule and her perception of what it should be would never coincide. In marriage, we all learn. Read more on Wallets: I Duct the Issue…

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A Fun Way to Get IP Addresses

If you’re looking for an interesting way to find out your IP address, IP Vegas has it. Visit that site and your IP address will show up on a Las Vegas style slot machine. It looks like a free ad-supported site.

Read more on A Fun Way to Get IP Addresses…

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Something Else I Don’t Need

As I cruise the Information Highway I see lots of stuff. Some of it is pretty useful and other things leave me scratching my head and wondering, “Why?”

I’ll let you guess where I stand on the following product.

It’s called the VroomBox and claims to make your plain old boring car, their example is a Toyota Sienna minivan, sound like something a bit more powerful and exotic, say a Lamborghini V12 or Shelby Cobra. How does this miracle of technology work? Pretty simple, it hooks into your engine’s tachometer connector and then send a sound signal out to an amplifier and speakers you need to provide. Read more on Something Else I Don’t Need…

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OK, so I took a week off…

I love writing this site. And I appreciate the feedback from my friends and family who visit. I kind of wish more people would visit and leave comments, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Unfortunately, real life sometimes gets in the way of sharing bits and pieces of your life online. I have a full time job and also to a little side work here and there when I can. Doing that, along with being married, simply takes up a lot of time. The lovely Mrs. Vargas and I realized how crazy busy we are. We’re happy and all, but when you come to the realization that you live in one of the entertainment capitols of the world and haven’t’ been to a single show since you moved here, it serves as a wake-up call that maybe it’s time to either throttle back a bit or learn some time management skills. Read more on OK, so I took a week off……

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Check Your Stats, You Might Be Missing Something

The say that Google page rank is everything on the Internet these days, and that getting it is somewhat of a black science. I don’t write these pages with any particular page ranking in mind. Since “Lars Vargas” is a fairly uncommon name, I tend to rank pretty high (usually at the top) when searched in Google. That’s nice, but expected. Getting into “Las Vegas Blogs” is a lot harder. I checked once, and I’m at around 700 or 800. Probably lower.

One of the things I do check every so often is my site stats. It’s nice to see how much traffic this site gets (not much right now), where it’s coming from (mostly other pages on this site) and various other tidbits. One of those tidbits is what search terms landed visitors on your pages. All the things you would think would be there are: Lars Vargas, Mrs. Vargas, Luella the cat, etc. Many of those are my searches to see if I’m in certain search engines and such. Read more on Check Your Stats, You Might Be Missing Something…

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Feeling Like a Flake? Draw one!

I grew up in the snow. I had to shovel snow. I don’t like snow.

Yet something draws me to it. I’m not sure what, but maybe it’s pining for some part of my youth that doesn’t’ involve a shovel.

Anyway, drawn to snow or not, you can draw your own snow one flake at a time. The Make-A-Flake site lets you snip a virtual paper flake and see the results. With a little practice, you can make some really gorgeous flakes. Read more on Feeling Like a Flake? Draw one!…

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