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7:07 – Left for dinner

7:07 – Left for dinner

9:03 – Got home from dinner at the Silverton Casino buffet.

9:05 – Grabbed a few bottles and a chrome-plated mixing pitcher from the pantry

9:06 – Filled pitcher about 2/3 with ice, poured dry vermouth over ice. Swished around for about a minute.

9:07 – Drained chilled vermouth into glass to start chilling said glass. Threw in some ice for good measure.

9:08 – Put 3 shots of Bombay Sapphire into the pitcher and took about 1/2 a shot of the vermouth from the glass and put that in the pitcher. Stirred (NOT shaken) for about 30 seconds.

9:09 – Emptied the glass of any vermouth and ice. Plopped 4 olives into the glass. Strained Bombay Sapphire and vermouth mixture into glass.

9:10 to 9:23 – Enjoyed one helluva martini.

How was your evening?

Published Wed 5/21/08 at 8:45pm

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