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7:07 – Left for dinner

7:07 – Left for dinner

9:03 – Got home from dinner at the Silverton Casino buffet.

9:05 – Grabbed a few bottles and a chrome-plated mixing pitcher from the pantry

9:06 – Filled pitcher about 2/3 with ice, poured dry vermouth over ice. Swished around for about a minute.

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I have seen the future of the web and it is shiny [UPDATED]

Web 2.0 is here. Sure, it’s the future of the Internet, but since the Internet waits for nobody, we need to deal with this wonderful future technology now. Why? Well, mainly because it’s here. This doesn’t even take into account Web 3.0, but since it’s a real future technology, not a future technology of today, I’m not worrying about it yet. Read more on I have seen the future of the web and it is shiny [UPDATED]…

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