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A Fun Way to Get IP Addresses

If you’re looking for an interesting way to find out your IP address, IP Vegas has it. Visit that site and your IP address will show up on a Las Vegas style slot machine. It looks like a free ad-supported site.

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Something Else I Don’t Need

As I cruise the Information Highway I see lots of stuff. Some of it is pretty useful and other things leave me scratching my head and wondering, “Why?”

I’ll let you guess where I stand on the following product.

It’s called the VroomBox and claims to make your plain old boring car, their example is a Toyota Sienna minivan, sound like something a bit more powerful and exotic, say a Lamborghini V12 or Shelby Cobra. How does this miracle of technology work? Pretty simple, it hooks into your engine’s tachometer connector and then send a sound signal out to an amplifier and speakers you need to provide. Read more on Something Else I Don’t Need…

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OK, so I took a week off…

I love writing this site. And I appreciate the feedback from my friends and family who visit. I kind of wish more people would visit and leave comments, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Unfortunately, real life sometimes gets in the way of sharing bits and pieces of your life online. I have a full time job and also to a little side work here and there when I can. Doing that, along with being married, simply takes up a lot of time. The lovely Mrs. Vargas and I realized how crazy busy we are. We’re happy and all, but when you come to the realization that you live in one of the entertainment capitols of the world and haven’t’ been to a single show since you moved here, it serves as a wake-up call that maybe it’s time to either throttle back a bit or learn some time management skills. Read more on OK, so I took a week off……

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Happy New Year!

2005 was a year of change in the Vargas household. Most of it was good, and we’re better off at the end of the year than when it started. We hope the same is true for you.

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