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The Christmas Decorations Are Up

That’s right, it’s a “Christmas” theme. Not a “Holiday” theme. I’m totally not into that politically correct crap, where we cannot possible offend anyone for any reason, or exclude them. Then again, I never did anything to exclude anyone. They pretty much excluded themselves. But this isn’t about PC blanding everything into a homogenous gray slurry. It’s about decorating for the holidays.

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Memphis Championship Barbecue: The Name Says It All

Memphis Championship Barbecue
2250 E. Warm Springs Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 260-6909

Since moving from Orlando, we haven’t ventured out into barbecue land. Orlando has lots of barbecue places (some not worth going into, some are excellent, most are OK). We weren’t sure what to expect in Vegas, which doesn’t have as many barbecue places. After narrowing down the choices, we decided to try Memphis Championship Barbecue. There are four locations. We chose the one near us at Warm Springs and Eastern.

I love barbecue. For some folks, barbecue is a religion, and their own denomination is the only True Way for barbecue. I am not one of those people. I like barbecue no matter Texas style, Memphis style, Southern style, or some other style. Good barbecue is good barbecue. Memphis Championship Barbecue is really good barbecue. Read more on Memphis Championship Barbecue: The Name Says It All…

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Feeling Like a Flake? Draw one!

I grew up in the snow. I had to shovel snow. I don’t like snow.

Yet something draws me to it. I’m not sure what, but maybe it’s pining for some part of my youth that doesn’t’ involve a shovel.

Anyway, drawn to snow or not, you can draw your own snow one flake at a time. The Make-A-Flake site lets you snip a virtual paper flake and see the results. With a little practice, you can make some really gorgeous flakes. Read more on Feeling Like a Flake? Draw one!…

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Whirlpool Customer Service: A Basket Case

Our new home in Las Vegas came with new appliances. The builder made a big deal out of only supplying Whirlpool appliances. Whirlpool is a name I have always associated with quality, and the appliances in our home attest to that. We are happy with them except for one detail.

The dishwasher’s silverware basket is simply too small. There are only two compartments to hold dirty silverware, and they only hold about one-half what they should. In fact, they are about one-half the size of any other dishwasher silverware baskets I have ever seen.

I don’t think that Mrs. Vargas and I are use inordinate amounts of silverware. The plate to fork ratio is roughly 1:1, as is the bowl to spoon ratio. In fact, sometimes it’s two plates to one fork. Read more on Whirlpool Customer Service: A Basket Case…

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Drinking Scotch Can Save Your Marriage

I was recently reminded of a party I attended last year. Some friends had invited Mrs. Vargas and I to their home, along with several of their other friends and neighbors. It was a typical holiday party with plenty of good stuff to eat and drink. The partygoers were all decked out in festive attire and a good mood prevailed throughout.

Mrs. Vargas and I are not the kind of couple who has to cling to each other at a party. We’re free to mingle and talk independently. One of the other partygoers, whom I had never met before, had taken somewhat of an interest in me. She was a neighbor of the hosts and didn’t seem flirtatious when I first met her.

As the evening went on, Ms. Neighbor Flirter had chosen a seat at the bar. And every time I went to freshen up my scotch, she was there, ready to chat, flirt, and carry on about the topic du jour. Read more on Drinking Scotch Can Save Your Marriage…

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Happy (belated) Birthday, Mr. Vin!

Mr. Vin is my step father and today is his birthday. Well, as I write this it’s still technically his birthday for just over two hours here in Vegas. Where he lives on the east coast of the US, it’s past midnight.

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The New Site Design Is Up

It’s amazing how a little spare time evaporates quickly and a quick project turns into one that takes much longer than anticipated. But such is life.

The re-styles theme for the site is up. As usual, there are a few rough edges that will smooth out over the next few days.

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