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An open letter to the Lexus drivers of the world

Dear Fellow Driver:

Hi there! I’m another driver on the road. Just like you, I’m using the paved conduit to get form point A to point B. I know this may surprise you, since when you paid twice the going price of a Toyota for a Toyota with a badge that looks like a rip-off of the Mercedes-Benz logo, you thought you bought the road as well.

I also hate to tell you, but the ES300 didn’t remove the stink from your shit. Neither did the LX470, so no smiling over there, OK?

Yes, I know the free detail with service at the dealership is really nice. I’ve never been to one, but I suspect they even have fancy snacks and nice drinks. After all, you bought your way into automobile royalty, didn’t you?

I realize that you make a lot of money and want to show the world how wonderful you are through your choice of transportation appliance, but are you really so important that you must have that cell phone next to your ear while your attention wanders to anything but driving? Surely with your huge income you can afford the hands-free option and increase your safety as well as the safety of others on the road.

Better yet, pull over and take the call. Oh right. Silly me. If you did that, you’d never get anywhere since you’re always on the damned phone!

Also, a turn signal is not an indication that you should accelerate to block me out, but rather an indication that I would like a little room to move into another lane or make a turn.

When you wave, it’s generally more polite to use all five fingers.

Sure, I’m picking on the Lexus drivers since they are usually the most conspicuous offenders, but no laughing you BMW owners, maniac ricer racers, Escalade-wielding soccer moms, Corvette & Porsche drivers, and people with trucks the height and size of an office building. You’re no better than the Lexus drivers, nor are you better than those of us with “average” or even crappy cars.

How’s about all of you cutting us break. I promise that my large full-framed V8-powered car will do a helluva lot more damage to your precious toy than your toy will do to my car. But let’s not go there. Insurance is expensive enough.

Really all this is about is courtesy. Don’t cut other people off. Learn that a red light really does mean stop, not that you have an extra 5 to 10 seconds to blow through. Put the phone down and enjoy the drive a little. After all, it’s not the car’s fault the driver is a jerk. It’s just that some brands seem to attract them more than others.

Lars Vargas

Published Tue 12/20/05 at 3:07am

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