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The Christmas Decorations Are Up

That’s right, it’s a “Christmas” theme. Not a “Holiday” theme. I’m totally not into that politically correct crap, where we cannot possible offend anyone for any reason, or exclude them. Then again, I never did anything to exclude anyone. They pretty much excluded themselves. But this isn’t about PC blanding everything into a homogenous gray slurry. It’s about decorating for the holidays.

I am not into decorating the house. That’s Mrs. Vargas’s venue. I am into decorating the site, since that’s my venue. The site was looking good after the recent makeover, but hey, you’ve got to put up lights and have a little fun for Christmas.

And I promise to take it all down after the New Year. You won’t see this theme lingering on the site in mid-April.

Published Tue 12/13/05 at 3:53am

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