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Another Average Day

Yesterday was one of those average days where you know you got something done, but you simply cannot put your finger on any specifics. I was awake for around seventeen hours, but there is very little concrete I can point to that I did.

I already posted about having Luella sing for my mom on her birthday. After that, I went to work. I think I spoke with someone about something. I do remember lunch. We went to “La Cabaña“. It was good. After lunch, I did more work and spoke to more people about things. Such excitement.

The drive home was average. Not too fast, not too slow. A few people didn’t understand the concept of the left lane being the fast one, but that’s typical. In fact, had that not happened, it would not have been an average drive.

When I got home I remembered something: I had computer work to do. Read more on Another Average Day…

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Want Mexican? Seek out La Cabaña!

La Cabaña Mexican Restaurant
526 S. Martin L King Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 366-0039

Repeat after me: “Taco Bell is not Mexican food.” Fortunately, La Cabaña is not Taco Bell. La Cabaña is in a forgettable strip mall that makes you want to drive by more than stop in. That would be a mistake.
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