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Moving to Vegas: Day 2, the second half

Day one is nearly over, but we’ve still got miles to go before we rest. We’re in the midst of trying to find a hotel, but the truck needed fuel in the meantime, so we have stopped at a gas station to fuel up both truck and man.

It was at this gas station that I discovered one really huge annoyance of $2.60 diesel fuel and 35-gallon fill-ups beyond the simple math of paying nearly $100 for a tank of fuel and knowing I would need about 9 of them to make this trip. I discovered that my credit cards (debit cards actually) only pre-approved $75.00 on most pumps, which meant two transactions and two receipts for each fill up. Read more on Moving to Vegas: Day 2, the second half…

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Walk on down to Cook on Wok

Cook On Wok
390 N. Stephanie St.
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 458-8899

Cook on Wok is one of those places that’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. And missing Cook on Wok would be a shame. When you enter the unassuming storefront restaurant, you notice the décor is something out of a late-90’s restaurant catalog. And what’s with the name? I haven’t figured it out, either. Do not let the décor or name deter you, however. This is a restaurant well worth visiting. Read more on Walk on down to Cook on Wok…

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