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Ok, so what IS this mess?

Well, this mess, bless its little heart, is a blog. You probably know what that is, but in the interest of complete disclosure and adding a few extra words to the page, a “blog” is a “weblog”, or someone’s log on the web.

There are lots of different kinds of logs: Yule Logs, Lincoln Logs, wood logs, even Log Cabin syrup. A weblog is the kind where someone types up pretty much whatever comes to mind. Some are well-organized and well-trafficked. Others languish in a weird narcissistic soup of self-loathing and pity.

This weblog has just been started by me, Lars Vargas, and there isn’t much to it yet. First of all, the template still needs a bit of fine tuning, so you’re going to see a few rough edges here. And yeah, the style sheets aren’t done yet either. That’s part of fine tuning.

Once the major construction is done and the paint has dried, I will begin the slow and subtle renovations. But that really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that things around here will get better and better looking. At least that’s the goal. In the meantime, expect a few glitches. If you really want to, you’re welcome to point them out in an email. (I like the Gmail account because it does a better job of filtering spam than my server. If you want an invite, just ask!)

This blog will be about me, my daily life, and the place I live, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Las Vegas has a reputation as Sin City, but it’s actually a mostly-normal place. I’ll probably start with some biographical tidbits, the story on how I moved out here, and other stuff that likely won’t interest you or affect your life but that I have some strange need to share nonetheless.

There will be other stories, but they will come as the blog evolves. So far this is the fifth paragraph about essentially nothing. I guess if Jerry Seinfeld can do it for nearly a decade, I can write a few paragraphs without saying much. Anyway, welcome to my blog and my world.

I am Lars Vargas. I live in Las Vegas. This is my life.

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