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Archive for October 31st, 2005

Ok, so what IS this mess?

Well, this mess, bless its little heart, is a blog. You probably know what that is, but in the interest of complete disclosure and adding a few extra words to the page, a “blog” is a “weblog”, or someone’s log on the web.

There are lots of different kinds of logs: Yule Logs, Lincoln Logs, wood logs, even Log Cabin syrup. A weblog is the kind where someone types up pretty much whatever comes to mind. Some are well-organized and well-trafficked. Others languish in a weird narcissistic soup of self-loathing and pity.

This weblog has just been started by me, Lars Vargas, and there isn’t much to it yet. First of all, the template still needs a bit of fine tuning, so you’re going to see a few rough edges here. And yeah, the style sheets aren’t done yet either. That’s part of fine tuning. Read more on Ok, so what IS this mess?…

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